New Stats Plugin Stats Plugin 1.1, now it doesn’t bounce you to to view your stats. I think it’s pretty slick.

9 thoughts on “New Stats Plugin

  1. I think it’s not as good as the initial version.

    * I can’t scroll by clicking on my mouse’s wheel for example. * The frame bounces every time I hover the menu – but that’s because I use Lighter Admin Menus plugin.
    * I wouldn’t mind bouncing to
    * I still can’t edit my website profiles.
    * It sucks.

    I loved the first version, where can I find it? It doesn’t appear in the “earlier versions” in the – Plugins Section.

  2. I had to lower cookie security to log in and it removed the Blog Surfer (which I use and like). I kept the 1.0 version around just in case I didn’t like the 1.1, and I am glad I did.