WordCamp Roundups

I’m still recovering from the conference this weekend. It was really amazing in both the people who attended and the quality of the presentations. Anyone have a good roundup post or liveblog any sessions? Leave it in the comments. The session pages are picking up pingbacks but seem to be missing some good stuff.

10 thoughts on “WordCamp Roundups

  1. It’s truely amazing to see how far WordPress has come.

    Even more amazing to see how much of an impact it has had on the world. Sites like CNN, NY Times, NASA, and much much more, truly amazing work.

    You’ve helped nurture an amazing tool for the world Matt, congrats!

  2. Matt, I wrote a few posts but they were more about my niche than WordCamp itself. 395 reasons for chiropractic care was about everyones posture after two days of sitting.

    The event was great and what motivated me most was the seeing the way so many people supported one another. I loved that! Had my Neilson friend over yesterday and walked him through two installs. Big photography buff, his blog should be great.

    Thanks again for all you are doing!

  3. I indeed liveblogged the first day (thanks to everyone who mentioned it and for the great feedback, by the way –too bad I couldn’t be there for the second, had you seen my suitcase packing you’d understand) and I did pingback the session pages, but I’m not sure all my pings came through.

    Pingback/Trackback has been really wonky with me for some time — I assume it has something to do with a combination of 2.0.10 and Dreamhost.