KRON on WordCamp

KRON 4’s Brian Shields Reports on Wordcamp.

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Awesome interviews! Great job Matt, with everything.

I am only a supporter since the weeee days of WordPress, but I have seen so much positive growth for WordPress.

[…] But the end of the day I was slammed, after a long commute home I crashed and took Monday off from blogging to recoup. I had gone through posts and added slideshow that had been posted, and I gathered together links like Charles Stricklins wrapup post about Day 2, and Donncha’s Two Posts (Saturday & Sunday). I will still post a couple more times as the videos of the presentations are posted and I get the last of the SlideShows (Matt Cutts for example had to run his by legal). I’ll end this post with a Clip from KRON 4 News about WordCamp that Matt pointed out. […]

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