20 thoughts on “Pownce

  1. Once they add an API, this is going to own.

    It’s much more conversational than Twitter, and support for Atom linklogs (rel="related" rocks. Groups are really powerful… I can target a link to “WP Devs” or “WP Core Devs.” They really nailed the types of message that are important: Text, Events, Files, Links.

  2. Only trick is you’ve gotta have social, somewhat nerdy friends to get with the program. I’ve got _one_ and I’m a Network Admin. C’mon, peeeeps! I wonder why we Swedes are invariably slow at adapting new techs, apart from teenagers. Sure Pownce is alpha and invite-only, but Inviteshare takes care of that easily.

  3. I hear ya’, Niklas!

    Here’s a second Swede with no social friends. Del.icio.us, Last.fm, Flickr (ok, Wordie might be a little bit at the fringe). You almost have to force feed them, but people will still not get the point and what’s great about them. Why can’t we all be have people like Matt or Jeremy Keith as best friends… 😉

  4. I’ve had it for a few weeks, and I still don’t see the advantages to it. It’s basically yet-another-IM-system, only it’s one that nobody I know uses. As for Twitter, well, it doesn’t even compare to Twitter until they get it hooked up to SMS Text messages.

  5. Don’t know if you’re aware, but Ronald Heft has made a WordPress plugin for Pownce. It can be found here. I’m using it on my own blog now. Not bad.

  6. The most powerful feature on pownce is the filesharing. Getting a large group of musicphiles sharing their favorite songs makes me giddy.

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