Transforming Your WordPress into a Tumble-Hybrid, we’re halfway there. Now someone should do a few awesome Tumblr-like styles around it. Projectionist is the first I saw and a great example of the medium.

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Well the problem with this is I don’t want my Tumbles to be show in the RSS feed I rather keep them out. Also I would love to completely separate them out to a different Page altogether. Damn I wish this functionality was there in the core. I was going to install a separate instance of WordPress, I will give this a shot.

His is much more involved but I recently infused my blog with tumblr. I used the FeedWordPress plug in and feed my tumblr blog into my wordpress posts. I like the ease of posting to tumblr and it’s perfect for sharing links and quick snippets.

There is one proposal I’ve been thinking for a while now that could make a nice compromise for people that want tumblrlogs mixed with their normal blog but in a separate feed.

Seeing Josh’s plug-in I’m probably late in the game, as my proposal is very similar to his plug-in.

I had planned on expanding wp-recent-links, which has its own separate log window and bookmarklet and keeps its own RSS feed so it supported the different tumblr types.

Then I’d thought I’d make an event that creates and automatic blog post with the days tumbls if the admin desires (so there can be only one RSS for those that want one)-

I managed to port my design tumblelog from Tumblr over to WordPress and the K2 mod. Wow the functionality now available to me is like a breath of fresh air. I think development on Tumblr is almost dead. I would like to see WordPress implement an option of a tumblelog interface in future!