On Wallstrip!

My conversation with Lindsay Campbell of Wallstrip is now online, including (most of) the end where she cries tears of joy for lolcats. It was a pleasure chatting with the crew there, and I’m curious to see what ventures they attempt now that they have leverage with Wallstrip.

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Hi Matt,

Really Enjoyed it. The best was when you talked about integration of apps and Social network into one. Thats what was someone talking on Web 3.0.

So will WordPress be a web 3.0 ? How you see the WordPress changing when web 3.0 comes ?

Have a great day

So wait a second…

You don’t know anything about internet dating? You must have completely overlooked the fact that you stalked my IM handle on Orkut. 🙂

I am a great fan. I found them when Lindsay was wearing T-shirts. It was the first time I saw her totally lose it during an interview.

I too am following them with much interest.

I enjoyed your conversation.

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