14 thoughts on “AirPress

  1. I had this idea awhile ago, but I was too busy with summer of code and work, by the time that was all over again, I was working and had switched to linux(which is currently unsupported by air). I’m glad someone did this though, looks like A great peice of software! Wish I could use it!

  2. I gave it a whirl, despite running 2.3, and wasn’t terribly impressed. No HTML tags are interpreted, wrapping doesn’t work (it broke the content div that it was in and displaced the sidebar below the content), and generally you only have one shot at editing a post before publishing as the second round of editing won’t change the initially composed text.

    On the other hand, it looks slightly different so people will no doubt praise it to the heavens. With any luck, future versions will function a little better. I guess this means the developers will need more than a couple days to adapt to a new release of WP.

  3. ‘interesting’ would be the politically correct way to put that.

    Other words to describe this product would include:
    Borderline useless, bloated interface, anemic feature set.