WordPress Plugin Stats

Our official WordPress plugin directory now lists some stats at the top, as of right now there are 1,021 active plugins and they’ve gotten 1,597,994 downloads. Wowza!

10 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Stats

  1. Matt, could we get a monthly reset on the ‘most popular’ list on the plugin repository so that we can really see which plugins really burning it up? As is, it’s going to take a very long time for sidebar widgets to ever get knocked off the homepage even though widgets have been native to WP now for some time and so there’s no need to download them – doing ‘most popular this month’ would be much more interesting/useful.

  2. Very good and all…but I still find most of my plugins via Google and the developer’s homepage. There’s something that’s not quite right with the setup of the UI on the WP Plugins page that doesn’t work for me. I believe the taxonomy and the search (and results) could be improved.