Guardian Interview

When I was in London I had the chance to chat with Tim Anderson who in turn wrote an article in yesterday’s Guardian, WordPress makes a stand for open source morality, which is worth a read. We also got a mention in the same issue in The office of the future is all around by Victor Keegan.

7 thoughts on “Guardian Interview

  1. It was a good article and a good interview. Obviously, you’ve been thinking about some of the issues that you talked about in the article quite a bit since they actually happened. It’s a shame, I think, that the speed of the web often doesn’t seem to allow for thoughtful, well-reasoned responses to important questions. For instance, I really liked how you clearly explained your position shift on link selling and link spam. I’m not sure people have been very clear on it, as displayed in the TechCrunch bashing, er, article that distorted what you actually wrote for sensationalist purposes.

    Glad you pointed this one out and that I took the time to read it.