19 thoughts on “Banned from Technorati Top 100

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  2. laughing,
    a sardonic laugh…

    at german there are *top 100 german best blogger*

    I have no chance to come in this list, because I’m a member of the germen support team and so *all of my links* come from the blogroll,
    and yes

    if someone is a best plugin author, spend his knowledge and his time to help others he is not the best blogger…
    he is ***only*** a blogger who creates his links from plugins

    this is not a quality check of “social” networking..

    if you write a good article about Paris – you know the 26 year old girl— you are a good blogger…


    this is the “ethical” benchmark from “social” networks…

    sad but true



  3. Hmmmm… This makes you re-think about linking. It seems a little overt. I guess there are some that take the linking into new realms. I love reading your posts. They’re fast reads and straight to the point.

  4. May I ask who really cares if you make the top 100 of anything? Grow up folks.

    That’s what I hate about blogging: the slavish worship of rankings. Thanks for just reinforcing my feeling.

  5. “Matt has been unceremoniously banned from the Technorati Top 100 because his links come from the default WordPress blogroll”

    I would like to be in the “Top 100″… πŸ™‚

  6. Matt,

    I know you’ve been walking around weeping openly about being banned from Technorati, and I’m really sorry for your loss. πŸ˜‰

    My theory is that it actually happened in retaliation for removing the link to Technorati results in the WordPress dashboard in lieu of Google results.


  7. So what? I believe that Technorati is not a measure of popularity and success! Matt deserves to be in the 100, but thats how Technorati works

  8. John – you’re saying it’s revenge? Hmm, I guess anything’s possible in the blogosphere

    Matt – There won’t be enough blogs to fill up technorati if it wasn’t for WordPress, so you totally rock

  9. John’s theory doesn’t stand up to scrutiny since Matt, Mike Heilemann et al were removed from the Technorati Top 100 well before WordPress stopped using Technorati’s results in the Dashboard. I suppose dedicated conspiracy theorists could construe the switch as revenge on WordPress’ part…