Falling Snow Script

I’ve been looking around for a good falling snow script, as I’m a sucker for cheesy holiday javascript, but everything seems to be from the era of Netscape 6. I even found one on my own domain, but it doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. So where’s the state-of-the-art snow script for web 2.0? Time is running out!

58 thoughts on “Falling Snow Script

  1. Now that you mention it I’m kind of fond of those too. A snow-plugin would be really awesome.

    … wow…a weatherplugin having your background reflecting the weather where you are… *stops there before he never stops*

    Yeah. Looks like a good vintage that script!

  2. Hmmm, Nice falling snow script, but it does make it kinda difficult to click on any links. I’ve problems with Safari 3.0.4, Camino (latest) and FF (latest) on a mac.

    btw; Merry Christmas!


  3. Woah! Which one do you have implemented right now? Because I can’t interact with anything on your page while it’s on. I had to disable JavaScript before I could even click the comments link to this entry. Not sure if it’s doing that for other people but it is for me.

  4. So which one did you decide on Matt? I like how the snowflakes look, and I would love to use this on my sites as well, if possible. Could you please share a link or some code?

  5. Matt, in Firefox 2.0 I can see the falling snow script/plugin you currently have running, but it makes the links in your posts inaccessible (not so in IE 7). I guess I’m missing your point or something, because I don’t get why you’re asking the community where the cross-browser snow scripts are and still running one that’s non-compliant to a large segment of us…?