For Dummies Update

The Never Ending Story. “WordPress For Dummies remains the #1 book on blogging at — it’s been #1 almost since the week it was released in November, and has remained there ever since.”

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Bad thing I tried ordering it in Amazon and they seemed have problems processing my credit card. Unfortunately (that’s a further), the book is not yet available in bookstores here in the Philippines.

I recently recommended it to a friend who was lost in the the docs at It helped him immensely. Now he acutally uses the online documentation and understands it. Cheers.

I bought the book based, in part, on the fact that Matt threw his support behind it. I mean, if the Man Himself says it’s good, then it must be, right? But, also, it focused a lot of attention to styling and themes and such, which is my weakest area in regards to WordPress. Sadly, I’m now so busy that I haven’t had a chance to actually *read* it, but I am looking forward to it, when I finally get the chance.

May I shamelessly plug the free WordPress guide I spent some time writing recently?

It’s beta, but it’s free and we’re even thinking of going GPL with it.

But first we need feedback. You can download it from our blog – linky up above…. or from our business site at

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