For Dummies Update

The Never Ending Story. “WordPress For Dummies remains the #1 book on blogging at — it’s been #1 almost since the week it was released in November, and has remained there ever since.”

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Bad thing I tried ordering it in Amazon and they seemed have problems processing my credit card. Unfortunately (that’s a further), the book is not yet available in bookstores here in the Philippines.

I bought the book based, in part, on the fact that Matt threw his support behind it. I mean, if the Man Himself says it’s good, then it must be, right? But, also, it focused a lot of attention to styling and themes and such, which is my weakest area in regards to WordPress. Sadly, I’m now so busy that I haven’t had a chance to actually *read* it, but I am looking forward to it, when I finally get the chance.