La Nacion Interview

When I was in Buenos Aires a few months ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Ariel Torres for a few hours, we had a great conversation. Parts of this have now made it into La Nacion as the article Matt Mullenweg, el chico Web. If you speak Spanish, it’s worth checking out. Hat tip: Mariano.

20 thoughts on “La Nacion Interview

  1. … and if you do not read Spanish, but would like to see a unique spin on this engaging South American article, first copy the La Nacion link in Matt’s reference, then go to Partway down the page, paste the link you copied into the “Translate Web Page” address-bar. After a brief wait, you will have the benefit of the computer’s interpretation of the Argentinian view of Matt Mullenweg. Well worth the doing!

  2. Ah, going international now? Eh, Matt? Your fame has no bounds, hehe. Congrats.

    I imagine Beunos Aires was very nice, definitely on my to-visit list. And probably a lot warmer than it is here in Montreal right now. 🙂

  3. I actually learned more about Matt in this interview than any other. Good writeup. I agree, Argentina is a great place. I even went to the Bombanera to watch Boca and River play. What an experience.

  4. Felicitaciones Matt, espero que hayas disfrutado de la carne Argentina (en todo sentido), te esperamos de vuelta!

    Congratulations Matt, I hope you have enjoyed the argentinian meat (all sense), Look forward to your return.

  5. Hey Matt! I’m from Argentina and big fan of WordPress
    I read the article on Revista La Nación, really great! congrats!

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed Argentina (I’m argentinian), I read the article today and I discovered an interesting person,It called my attention when you compared music with software, it’s an intelligent comparison.