Three Gigabytes

A chicken in every pot, and three gigabytes of upload space for every blog on I’m really excited about this, and it’s just the first step. 🙂

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Great God!!! How do you people do this! You know you have really done a great service to many of us Third-World bloggers, who really can’t afford a paid service but have so many things to tell and show? 🙂
I love you, Matt and WordPress; talking about ardent devotees, you people know you have us!

Sweet! I don’t use (prefer to use my own hosting and such) but I know a few people who have been on the fence – and I think this may push them to use rather than Xanga, Facebook and/or LiveJournal.

Good job!

Hey Matt,

This brings up an interesting question – I’ve tried to find an RSS/Atom feed I could subscribe to for WordPress news for quite some time, and haven’t ever been able to find it.

Looks like you’re blogging the news, but the feed seems to be missing.

Any ideas? 🙂

[…] Matt Mullenweg announced on his blog this week that all free WordPress.Com accounts now come with 3 Gigabytes of disk space available. This is HUGE – considering that space generally costs money on the web and 3GB is rather generous. The space increase for WordPress.Com users is not only useful, but greatly appreciated! […]

This is nice, although I also want to know, are the users also provided with ftp access? When I used WordPress some 6 months back, I didn’t find such facilities, so I couldn’t experiment with various plugins the way I would have liked to, so I went ahead and created my own separate blog by buying a webhosting and using wordpress there, here I have much better control :).
The overall experience has surely been a great one 🙂