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Rating the Livebloggers talks about three of the blogs that were covering Steve Jobs keynote where he announced the Macbook Air. The one with the highest rating, Gizmodo’s Live site, is hosted on as a VIP, which is how they managed to avoid the problems that hit Crunchgear, Engadget, Twitter, et al. Here’s a Flickr picture showing how spiky the traffic can be. (That’s from the iPhone keynote, not the latest one.)

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Wow, that’s insane. Congrats, though, on having such a great infrastructure to sustain Gizmodo during today’s live blogging.

I know I was surprised that Engadget went down, but my first alternate choice was Gizmodo.

Well, Engadget wasn’t totally cooked (they wrote about it on their site), but it was inaccessible here in Denmark at least…

Still, the best source was; it refreshes automatically, has pictures and is very very fast (though Engadget captures more sentences than macrumorslive…)

And yes, mindboggling Macworld. I don’t want an Air (well, I do want one, but I haven’t got a stationary, so I would use it as my primary, which is kinda impossible), so I look forward to the upgrades for MacBook and MacBook Pro. They have to come soon – it’s way overdue.

WordPress was a great help in providing live coverage of the keynote this year at

We had exponentially higher traffic than last year, but lower CPU utilization (we were running Joomla for the last two years, and switched to WordPress last month).

WordPress has been a huge improvement over Joomla in CPU load for us, and looking forward to WordPress 2.5… it’s going to get even better.

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