SOCKS5 Proxy DNS Cache

Note to future self: If you’re behind a SOCKS5 proxy for DNS lookups, your machine will ignore the local HOSTS file, and you’ll need to make host/IP modifications on the machine you’re proxying through instead.

7 thoughts on “SOCKS5 Proxy DNS Cache

  1. Not necessarily. If you’re using Linux, Solaris, OS X, or any other *nix variant, you should find putting “files” before “dns” in your /etc/nsswitch.conf file will cause your localhost to refer to your local /etc/hosts file before DNS (except for Sendmail, but that’s a completely different can of worms 😉 ). I’m not sure how Windows works, but I’m sure there’s a similar method of forcing it to query your hosts/lmhosts file before DNS.

  2. FoxyProxy, an extension to Firefox, amongst many other wonderful things allows you to chose whether to perform DNS resolution locally or on the proxy server.

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