Rain on cab window

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I just watched your video in the WordPress site then I tried creating a gallery on my test site. But the photos displayed are smaller than the actual sizes. I mean the full photos, not the thumbnails.

How do I get rid of the auto link to the image URL and how do I get it to show the photos in their original sizes?

Connie, you need to edit the “medium” side under Settings > Misc or change your template to show ‘full’ instead of ‘medium’ in the image template tag.

This is weird. In RC1, the photo sizes are in Settings > Writing.

In RC2, it’s in Settings > Miscellaneous.

Is that right or is there something wrong with my installs?

Matt, I love WordPress 2.5 I have a quick question:

Looking at your gallery on your site I noticed that the images do not link to the actual image files directly, they just show the pictures. So when I mouse over your medium size pictures, there is no link to the bigger file. I like that. What do I need to do so that my medium size images do not link directly to a full size image?

By the way, I am so jealous of your D3. That will be my next camera when I have the dough.

It’s just a different template tag, nothing fancy. The latest image.php in the default theme separates it out so you can easily see how to link or unlink.