New Gravatar

The rewrite of Gravatar from Ruby to PHP is done. The backend should be identical, the serving of Gravatars should be even faster, and as a bonus we now support SSL Gravatars.

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So, You worked out how to get entire-domain gravatars working yet? 😛

(eg, look at my email, Thats why i’d like a per-domain gravatar:

Checking for a file in the root of the domain would be enough to proove i’m authorised for the domain, and the Gravatar stuff in wordpress would need to be changed slightly to send the domain as well (as a hash of course again 😛

@Juanpa! – although no sensitive information is sent with a gravatar request, SSL is useful if you’re using gravatars on a page that also uses SSL. This prevents the user getting a warning that not every item on the page is encrypted and that the page may not be safe.

Also I guess there may be cases where you may wish to guard which gravatars are being requested (e.g. in a private forum offering support for addiction sufferers etc).