WordCamp Dallas and WordPress 2.5

The talk this morning at WordCamp Dallas was quite enjoyable. The audience here is very sharp and on-point, there was a ton of participation and great questions. They also had delicious Rudy’s BBQ for lunch, which I nibbled at as much as I could. Also (roughly) concurrent with the talk we released WordPress 2.5. Funnily because I kept the edit screen for the announcement open from stage the concurrent editing protection prevented anyone else fom publishing the post! Andy told me after I was done and I pushed the button, but it’s good to know the feature works. 🙂

27 thoughts on “WordCamp Dallas and WordPress 2.5

  1. I heard that it was great, and congrats on the new WP and site design, it’s really good 🙂
    Serious kudos to the whole team, and hopefully I’ll get involved in 2.6.
    Speaking of which, how can I get involved in helping with the coding?

  2. […Funnily because I kept the edit screen for the announcement open from stage the concurrent editing protection prevented anyone else fom publishing the post![…]


  3. I have a little question, I hope you understand….

    You and your development team release today the WP2.5 cause you need it for Worpcamp or cause they really finished?

    The last week in the Milestone 2.5 I see 73%, today 100% is more than incredible :S, 27% in one week and 73% for more than 3 months…

    Anyway, thanks for all work 😉 is an excellent version.

    sorry for my english, is worst than my spanish 😛

  4. Angelfire, 2.5 has been finished for a while. That’s why we did release candidates. You’re probably looking at the issue tracker, which has no correlation with the actual completion of of version. I’m not sure where you got that impression, but you should correct he source.

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  6. Matt, thanks for attending the event, and for fielding my question about WordPress’ role in solving the comment ecosystem problem. (I’m going to blog more about this soon)

    I just upgraded both my blog and my wife’s blog to WP2.5. Very nice. Only one minor problem that I’m working through. Great work to you and the team.

  7. From the WordCamp Dallas website, it sounds like their will be a recording available online in the next week or two. I can’t wait!

    By the way, congrats on releasing WordPress 2.5 (and making it such a painless upgrade — with no broken plugins… thanks wp community!), and the new WordPress.org redesign. That was a pretty fast 22 years (according to the WP Trac), LOL. Both look/are excellent. Nice work.

  8. I was at the Dallas Camp today and it was so amazing! It wasn’t anythingI expected… it was actually great… though i admit it was somewhat of a huge geek fest.

    I was approach by a guy probably around my age… just more stereotypical geek looking and the first thing he says to me is “are you a blogger or a coder”. 🙂

    I LOVE LIZ… she’s so inspirational! I spent about 30 mins talking to her about expanding towards a multi-author blog model for a commericial site.

  9. Shame the mobile blogging still holds mobile posts as “Pending Review” – which kind-of defeats the object.

    I think I have only the Category Icons plugin that needs to be fixed, very pleased (and relieved) geo-mashup works OK 🙂

    Good job!

  10. @Angelfire Matt beat me to the punch — I’ve been using 2.5 since RC1 and it’s worked rather solid for my needs. Granted, I wasn’t using the image uploader too heavily, but I hear the kinks are worked out

    @Matt Thanks for speaking Saturday, and especially thanks for the advice your offered in our brief conversation. Your suggestion of using the taxonomy for my Characters/Locations instead of creating the relationships using custom fields was an easy — and logical — switch. I was able to accomplish it during the afternoon sessions without much of a hitch

  11. Matt,

    I attended to two-days Dallas WordCamp conference. I enjoyed some of the workshops but not all of it due to lack of slideshow or talking a lot out loud.

    I am deaf myself and if you know anybody have video with subtitle or transcript from this conference, please let me know.

    Thanks so much!!


  12. Matt,

    Many of us really appreciate the new 2.5. It certainly is a great milestone for many to reflect and apply into their lives.

    Also, just wanted to say that I really like the coffee stain on your blog.