WordCamp Day Two, many clouds

A few pictures of day 2 of WordCamp; lots of Texas clouds, which are the prettiest in the world.

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[…] My favorite part of this session was the showcase of the new Photo Gallery feature. They’ve updated the image upload tool so that you can upload multiple images while the tool creates both a thumbnail, and a mid-size version of the image, then insert the gallery into a post with a simple, bbcode-like tag. Check out a live demonstration at Matt’s site. […]

[…] WordPress now has made managing uploads and other media much nicer. From the posting page, you can choose to upload an image, video, audio, or any other type of file by clicking on the appropriate link. From there, you can upload your files or else link to them in an existing URL. WordPress lets you administrate them and keep track of them through a Media Library section under Manage. Apparently, some of the nice features are that you can add multiple uploads at once, see their progress, and even post entire galleries in one post. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet (though I hope to soon), but you can see this demoed in a screencast video done by Matt Mullenweg, and see an actual gallery he posted. […]

Dude ! .. the best images which i have seen all over ! .. i wish pakistan could have such great images which i can capture on my camera ! .. just a small question. can you tell me that could i be able to take these kind of awesome pictures through my Nikon D40 and also if you could direct me that which lens you use to give that blurry background thingy ! .. i would really appreciate it !

indeed ! .. awesome work ! .. big fan !