Papal WordPress

The United States Papal visit has a blog. Nice! I’m going to be in New York City this weekend at the same time, maybe see mass in Yankee stadium?

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Well I knew the pope was coming to the US, didn’t expect a blog on it. Maybe this shows the pope is supporting WordPress too? lol That would be quite something to come up though, “The Catholic Religion is now supporting WordPress as it’s official blogging system.” I wish I could to the mass at Yankee stadium, probably going to be packed though.

Hey Matt, great you’re going to be in NYC!

Would you have time to get coffee or get some drink? I’d love to meet you.

I’m starting the organization of WordCamp NY, would love to maybe talk about that with you too.

Shoot me an email if you can please.

@Mike: The blog isn’t by the Pope himself, it’s by the USCCB (the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). So no, this does not mean the Pope is supporting WordPress. πŸ˜‰

I also thought PayPal…

Seeing the mass will be really tough if you don’t already have tix. I think they were distributed though the diocese.

@Jonathan – WordCamp NY(C)? Count me in! Is there a site yet, or is it too early?

@Matt – When you were here last year in the spring it was cool when a bunch of us met up. Any chance for a repeat, or are you too busy?

Yankee fan here! I found it hysterical that the Yanks welcomed the Pope, but asked that him and his people stay off of the grass… πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, because of his age and his future commitments, this will likely be his only US visit.

I wonder… Are there Pope ticket scalpers? I bet there are.

Or StubHub, which I always suspected as being evil…

@raincoaster: The BlogSpot blog wasn’t by the Pope himself; note the subtitle is “Unofficial blog covering His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI”.

If the Pope had an official blog, I’m sure it would be hosted at, not a free blogging service.

Yes, if you watch the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral video you can see Rudy Giuliani in line to receive the Eucharist.

To all the people reading “Papal” as Paypal, maybe try some higher education, there’s more to life than technology.

Hi Matt!

This may definitely be cliche, but I am joining the ‘I thought it was a Paypal blog’ crew. LOL

I actually got to see both Pope JP 2nd before he died for a mass at the vatican and tried my dire best to scoop a connection to see him at Yankee stadium but ran out of time and luck πŸ™

Anywho very great site and pleasure to meet you.