11 thoughts on “Usability Testing

  1. Oh boy, I hope a ton of people can make it out their to New York to participate in this testing. I would love to see the results from this sessions of usability testing when compared with the results that Happy Cog came up with.

  2. Interested to see if my anecdotal reports of “edit comment from within the admin” failure is evidenced in usability testing. But of course, the most interesting stuff will be the stuff I’d never considered to be a usability issue!

  3. I would love it if you guys gave away some free swag sometime. Whatever is laying about, stickers, buttons, etc. Everyone would love them! (Have people send in self-addressed, stamped envolopes, so you save money.)

    Plus, it’d be nice since not everyone can help you guys out all the time, especially if we’re located in the middle of nowhere…

  4. Usability testing can use experienced users, but I would hope that they bias decisions towards novice users (with short-cuts if need be).

    Previous experience makes a huge difference for testing CMSs of any type, so that should be a controlled variable.