33 replies on “Graffiti Animation”

  1. Wow, this is simply amazing. I’d love to know the stats of how long this took to make. Like a behind the scenes type of deal. Most of the animations are weird to me, reminds me of the Pink Floyd Movie.

  2. Ahh I saw this last night. Pretty amazing stuff – I wonder if it was done over one day or over a few days while the sun is out.

    Amazing out fast these videos spread throughout the Internet.

  3. Cool video. I would really like to know how this got to work. I can’t figure out if they did all that on the wall or if its computer generated. Cause its frame by frame and that would take a long while to paint by hand.

  4. Amazing amount of time it must have taken.

    I need to go look at a pretty girl or a sunset after that to feel totally myself again. 🙂

    Thanks for exposing me to something new!


  5. wow……once again…wow…..must have ignored social life to finish it…nice but….isn’t it a bit freak?

  6. Its a work of art mate, I am just blown away. You have raised the bar by using style, good animation skills , wonderful artwork … Its just too good mate.

    Keep it up and hope to see more of this work to enrich the web.

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