33 thoughts on “Graffiti Animation

  1. Wow, this is simply amazing. I’d love to know the stats of how long this took to make. Like a behind the scenes type of deal. Most of the animations are weird to me, reminds me of the Pink Floyd Movie.

  2. Ahh I saw this last night. Pretty amazing stuff – I wonder if it was done over one day or over a few days while the sun is out.

    Amazing out fast these videos spread throughout the Internet.

  3. This video is really starting to go viral. Hats off to the creators. Wonderful work. Kindda creepy but still, amazingly hypnotic to watch.

  4. Cool video. I would really like to know how this got to work. I can’t figure out if they did all that on the wall or if its computer generated. Cause its frame by frame and that would take a long while to paint by hand.

  5. Wow. That was incredible. I enjoyed that as much as looking at the still images of Banksy’s work. Great stuff.

  6. Amazing amount of time it must have taken.

    I need to go look at a pretty girl or a sunset after that to feel totally myself again. 🙂

    Thanks for exposing me to something new!


  7. wow……once again…wow…..must have ignored social life to finish it…nice but….isn’t it a bit freak?

  8. Its a work of art mate, I am just blown away. You have raised the bar by using style, good animation skills , wonderful artwork … Its just too good mate.

    Keep it up and hope to see more of this work to enrich the web.