27 thoughts on “Cell Phone Popcorn

  1. difficult to think how a microwave oven (1000W power) takes some mins to heat the popcorns, while 4 cell phones (max 3W power each) do that in a few secs. Heater under the table?

  2. Surely you realise that this, and others like it, are spoofs? The kernels were heated up in a microwave first until they started popping.

    Unless you plan on doing the same with your head I wouldn’t worry too much.

  3. Ahhh… people are SUCH suckers. Why is it that I can see a video like this and IMMEDIATELY think it’s likely a hoax and then do the research to confirm it, while others just say, “crazy man… I knew cells were dangerous”? Not to say that they might not be dangerous on some level, but to think it could pop popcorn – even faster than a microwave? Suckers.

  4. Hey Matt, did you hear it was a hoax? I’m not sure you heard yet, but it’s a hoax. So now you know it’s a hoax.

    I figured someone needed to tell you it was a hoax.