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Seth’s Blog: Random thoughts about the Kindle. I agree with most of this. I’ve been meaning to write a Kindle review forever. I’m probably not going to get to it, but I will say that it has fundamentally changed the way I read and buy books. It has also increased my book reading a non-trivial amount.

11 thoughts on “Kindle Thoughts

  1. @Jeremy,

    I think your comments about the Kindle being “defective by design” and that he’ll “regret: it are unfair. I imagine it is increasing the quality of Matt’s life right now by increasing his reading a non-trivial amount, and that’s a good think. How much is that worth? I’m not sure. Just because the books are not DRM-free and his own personal property forever doesn’t mean he made a bad decision. With DRM stuff, just imagine that you are renting the material for the short-term. Most people read books only once, so renting a book is not a completely ridiculous idea. I’m sure something better, DRM-free will come out in some time.

    By way of analogy: I don’t regret buying my VCR just because it’s obsolete now.

  2. As my readers have told me, electronic books will never replace the portable paper based devices that have been around for centuries.

    The electronic book represents a different experience. There are many things electronic reading devices can do that paper will never achieve. Kindle can do some of these things more robust devices can do even more.

    When I want to read electronically, I will continue to use my computer screen, until the portable e-devices provide all the capabilities available. And when I want to read a book on the beach, on an airplane or curled up at home, I will continue to seek the comfort level of pages turned by hand and words that require no batteries to consume.

  3. Matt, I’ve been considering purchasing one, simply because I won’t have to lug so much book weight around on trips. However, don’t u miss the page turning? Also, does it light up at night? I haven’t seen one in person…

  4. I’d kind of be surprised if the Kindle overtook existing technology, at least among the tech savvy. With the rise of the smartphone, you’ve got an ebook reader with you already if you want, and you don’t have to tote around a larger or additional device.

  5. I love my Kindle..Books are available to me 24/7 For a busy person who loves to read this is the answer…Buy a cover and a clip on light and you are ready!!!