Star Wars Dance-Off

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LOL this is effing hilarious. I can’t wait to show my friend Kyle, a huge Star Wars fan.

I left a comment as a reply to yours on my blog…then realized you might not see it. So if this is redundant and you’ve already seen that…sorry. Still learning… :-\

I was instrumental too. I played the french horn. Really tall girl, class of 2001…my brother Ryan was 2002, played the trombone?

Congrats on everything with WordPress; I’m a new user and love how intuitive and user-friendly it is. I’m having a great time playing around here.

PS Here’s another PVA alumnus with some nice things to say about WordPress. Just in case you haven’t seen.

Thanks for stopping by! Your comment will make all of my nerd friends incredibly jealous. Good luck with future projects and H-Town represent. 😉


Wow, of course number 3 was going to win!

Now, if that was the kind of fun in the actual movies, I might take some time to watch one of them! (Can you believe I’ve never seen a single Star Wars film?!). 😉