Top Gear on WordPress

For the Top Gear fans out there, the new Top Gear blog is the latest VIP. Vroom!

26 thoughts on “Top Gear on WordPress

  1. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this example. Great TV program, but their website seems a little boring. I wonder why they are only powering the blog with WordPress though? It seems like the type of site which would work quite nicely if it was powered entirely by WordPress.

    Also, there is no redirect from to which could be a problem when people like myself try to manually enter the address and get an error message.

  2. FYI the first episode of the latest series aired last night.

    There is now a new presenter “Top Gear Stuntman” who plays a similar roll to the Stig.

  3. Wow – small world. How come there is no link to the blog site from the parent site? That’s going to limit the traffic the blog gets..

  4. Not sure what is going on, but that site failed to load for me when I tried to check it out this morning. Maybe some technical work going on or something.

  5. I was so glad Top Gear came back last night I’ve been going crazy watching re-runs!

    Yay for using WordPress! πŸ˜€

  6. Love Top Gear, it has become a household name here in jolly old England and they’ve built such a reputation that people will actually take the time to see what top gear said about the car they possibly would like to buy. Not a fan of the design though, actually its terrible

  7. It’s not surprising that wordpress is being used for so many things. I have converted all 24 of my websites templates to be wordpress compatible. I am now transferring the sites across.
    While wordpress does a lot, it is simply a bad idea to put all your eggs in the one basket. I use a separate shop and a separate user manager.
    I think wordpress has been coded to screw up only when you haven’t backed up for a while!
    The only problem I have with wordpress is that it changes my code when I am entering source code. For example, entering a table I have already designed outside wordpress.

    Fantastic work, wordpress is amazing. however I would have thought that for the size of top gear and the backing they have, they would have been better having a whole site designed from the ground up so it meets all of their needs.
    But hey matt, it is a milestone of how well you have done.


  8. I love Jeremy Clarkson, never miss his show on BBC America. Wish he had an archive of his columns from the London Times on a blog.

  9. Their website theme looks very cool I think and should inspire people.

    p.s. bbPress is nice Matt, I am going with this script for a new forum and recommending it to people online.

  10. I <3 Top Gear! πŸ™‚ Great to read that they’re using WP as well. My favourite episodes have to be the great challenge across Africa and the one in the North (or was it South?) Pole!

  11. Great news! I shall be linking to the Top Gear blog – I was really pleased when they launched the Italian version of Top Gear here in hot Italy.

    Now there is a blog too! Mega!

  12. Can’t stand the (TV) program. Stupid toys for stupid young men. 3500 killed a year in the UK on the roads and 60,000 in the US. Shows like this just fuel the stupidity of trying to drive like a racing driver on the public highway.
    If you want it so much in the US, you can keep it.
    Site-wise. It looks and works good apart from the earlier points made about the links and seems to continue a bit of the garage or warehouse flavour of the show.
    It’s good that WordPress is getting more high profile users. I can’t wait to see what you chaps have been up to at each release. It just gets better and better and ideally fits the description of a publishing platform that lets you publish without too much bother. I just wish I was better at coding to muck in a bit more.

  13. Strangely Perfect has it right…3500 killed in the UK last year…..60,000 in the U.S.
    Americans definately are stupid for having that many accidents

  14. @mike The US’s population is around five times greater than that of the UK – whilst that does mean the US has proportionally more road deaths, it heavily negates the difference.

    I rather like their inventive blog description…

  15. “Sorry but why would anyone put one subdomain infront of another?? Sounds a bit strange?”

    Huh? I never mentioned anything about putting a subdomain infront of another, just inserting www in there or not. This is a common problem and is usually a flaw in amateur websites. Hence I mentioned it since Automattic is far from a creator of amateur websites.