2.6 and Cookies

WordPress 2.6 is out and it’s a really solid release, so check it out. Ryan has a good post on SSL and Cookies in WP 2.6. My congrats go out to the whole team for putting together the release, ahead of schedule! Update: Joseph has some info on XML-RPC and Atom changes.

27 thoughts on “2.6 and Cookies

  1. Just found the news…there goes the rest of my evening!

    Yow, you guys/gals must have worked some long nights – wasn’t 2.5 released just a few months ago?!?

  2. Great news Matt!!!

    I love the post revision feature. I’m anticipating all sorts of plugin development going on thanks to this new feature.

    I guess it is time to start integrating this with all our plugins – I thought we’d have more time. Its going to be a late night in NZ!!! Time to put the coffee machine on…



  3. Question… is it just me… but some reason images I upload are going to the default wp-content/uploads folder instead of the “images” folder that I declared.

  4. I was coming by to read the post which was short and sweet, you have a beautiful page! I love the colors in your theme ~ they’re gorgeous

  5. Congrats Matt..
    It looks cool. But have one problem..

    I currently have 21 plugins active but in my dashboard, it shows as only 11 plugins are active. I will show you the exact problem with screenshots later.

  6. Good job Matt! Was looking forward to SSL. Now I will go ahead and implement it since upgrading to WP is a piece of cake.

  7. Sadly Matt, I’m not going to be able to sample all the new delights of 2.6 as I’ve had to revert to my WP2.5.1 backup.
    I was hoping 2.6 would have resolved the TinyMCE editor bug that messes up the code when you have an iframe on the page.
    Worse still the “work-around” I was using, that involves modifying the file ‘tiny_mce_config.php’ (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/156276?replies=12#post-804140)
    doesn’t seem to work at all in 2.6.


  8. Where can I find info on the specific cookies that are set? I’m trying to figure out how to fix an authentication plugin for 2.6 that relies on the old way of doing cookies in order to verify that a user is logged in.


  9. Good job guys!
    One problem you might want to check. When making a page (and maybe a post) slug in Greek (and maybe in another language with special characters) it throws a 404 error. Not a big problem, unless you have special characters in all your post/page slugs!..
    Again, well done 🙂

  10. Dolemite, if you get the ‘infinite redirect’ error, try clearing your browser cookies for the site. That worked for me!