31 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible

  1. I actually just watched that an hour ago. I am not a huge Whedon fan, mostly because I’m sour and kind of crotchety and musicals make me moreso, but i really liked this. I for some reason have a love on for Doogie. I just discovered this.
    Fun stuff.

  2. hehhe – I blogged about this on Monday.

    And I watched it and thought it was pretty fun. Not exactly Oscar winning or anything, but fairly silly and .. fun.

  3. A friend just linked it to me earlier today. I was either laughing, or chuckling, particularly at the cowboys. Oh god, the cowboys. I kept thinking they were about to spring into some weird YMCA-themed song at any moment.

    I was so disappointed to not be able to see the next part ><

  4. Toy Soldier SubZ reporting and this.. this sickens me. To degrade and attempt to destroy the good doctors image like this. How dare you attempt to harm the good doctors name. Doctor Steel is a good man, and he deserves much much more respect than this horrid โ€œDr. Horribleโ€ theft.


    The true site, the original, the genius, the man who deserves the respect. The music is irritating, the script are poorly written

    As a loyal member of Dr. Steelโ€™s Army of Toy Soldiers, I will see to it personally that Dr. Horrible is destroyed. http://www.toysoldiersunite.com

  5. I didn’t want to love a musical, but this is just about the best thing ever. I’ve not even been indoctrinated into the Joss Whedon fanclub yet, but DAMN. I’m about to be.

    And I thought that Scrubs episode ruined me forever….

  6. My personal bias set aside, I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself to watch this. It really just seems like Whedon’s trying to see if he can do what he did with the musical episode of Buffy, which is really kind of sad.

    Dr. Steel has so much more appeal, and is actually doing something about that whole “taking over the world” bit.

  7. ABSOLUTELY loved this! So clever – way to go Dr Howser ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It probably helps that I am a comic reader from way back so it fits so nicely into my memories of all those superheroes & villians!

    Thanks for this Matt – first time I ever took a look at a site from a link inside my WP blog dashboard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW, not one for musicals as such, but this was soo clever, I found myself singing along to most of the songs lol

    Vote 1 for Dr Horrible (to get into the Evil League of Evil) ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Because my brother loves me…many many thanks for reminding me that this was coming out. I’m sorry that I let school keep me from commenting for so long! :-*

  9. I work for a broadcast network and we tried to sign Joss to do more web content. Dr. Steel? Eh, not so much.

  10. Dr steel fans are just upset because it took Whedon a week to do what they COULD NOT DO in 8 years. Sorry BUT ITS TRUE.

    dr steel is not NPH.. that’s all im sayin.
    I wouldnt of even heard of steel if it wasnt for the PRESS horrible got ..

    besides.. remember ROCKY.. like Dr steel is original .please stop the we were first crap

    Art is based on building from the past..

    Horrible is no more a rip off from steel than
    Steel is from Dr Franknfurter!!

    how about

    steel vs horrible in a showdown to rule the world .. there is enough room for many more crazy singing scientists.

  11. Dr Steel is cool dont get me wrong.
    its just Horrible is awesome too!

    good art is good art.
    knowning Steel well, i dont see a single song, or any story that coinsides BESIDES the mad scientist thing..
    and Steel hardly made that up.

    stop the fighting and get along! there is enough room in the world for many more mad scientists.. the evil league of evil is big..