In SF Chronicle

There’s an article about me in the San Francisco Chronicle, written by Chris Cadelago. It’s a good mainstream summary of what’s been going on the past few years. Chris talked to almost everyone I know, including getting Toni’s opinion of my car. You can, of course, get a paper copy in SF today.

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For all its numbers, the progress on the semantics side is next to nothing. My one and only criteria to judge progress in anything web is opportunity cost. Okay, don’t do nothing about semantics, but reduce the opportunity cost some other way.

That is a nice article about you Matt, Automattic and the WordPress community as a whole. Glad to see you are dedicated to continuing development to make WP a more powerful CMS application.

The recent 2.6 release was quite impressive considering the overall short development time!

I agree that making WP more CMS-alike product is a good long-term philosophy.

Content versioning in 2.6 is important step forward in this area.

To the list of TODO CMS features that should be integrated into the core I would definatelly add more advanced role managment (like Role Manager plugin) and multi-lingual abilities so you can easily develop different language versions of your site (with language specific slugs and so on).