Favorite Women Bloggers?

Who Are Your Favorite Women Bloggers?

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Marina Orlova IS Number One of the world.
She is super smart, super sexy super HOT. Sui Generis. Creative, imagintive with a devilish sence of humor that can make your toes curl whilst your grey matter works in overdrive. Commedia dell’arte. Investigate the world of Philology in the largest known virtual class room. Mix it up with Guess the Word games and word/ phrase suggestions with fellow students. Do your home work and who knows, you may become her teachers pet one day. Certainly is Sweet Child o’ Mine, Maina makes every day a Beautiful Day.
So if you haven’t subscribed yet, do your self a big favour and join in the fun. Be good 🙂

I love her style. She writes about real life, and things that are interesting and relevant not only to women, but to popular culture, entertainment and history. She’s funny, too. 🙂

Marina Orlova does something really very difficult, to shoot every day a new short movie about a new word or new theme, never being vulgar, being only hot for words and pretty for people.
If she’s not the best blogger with her pen, she’s the best with her camera.

My vote is for Marina from a vblog that presents the origin of words in a delightful manner.

It is very entertaining and educational. Marina is very charming, intelligent, witty and she is engaging in assigning thought provoking homework assignments and interacting with her audience.

How should we evaluate ?!
In matters of physical look or blogging qualities? 😛
Anyway, I’d vote for Lorelle but she’s not on the list, as she’s my favorite female blogger.

Petite Anglaise
Wife in the North
Strife in the North

are all on my blogroll. The first two have run out of steam lately following book publications; the last is a send up of the 2nd.

Mariina Orlova RULES! Our trusty teacher, a Russian-born philologist, runs an excellent English-language etymology video log, and has wide recognition as a teacher to millions of students worldwide. She has over 200 videos posted on You Tube, as well as her own website where member comments on each lesson are shown. Her fans are very devoted, and many have followed her since her first video posts. Marina is living proof that intelligence is sexy!

Favorite Women Bloggers?

One at the top of my list is Shelly of She is a story teller and uses those skills when writing her blog posts, always a pleasure to read.

She, also, used her blog to successfully inspire bloggers to assist her in her dream to show campers at Camp Sanguinity this summer they were loved by many. This campaign was Share A Square, proof bloggers can make a difference to those outside the blogging world.

Thanks for asking the question, Matt. rocks! If you have ever wondered about Vancouver and the surrounding area, she does a great job at bringing Vancouver, BC Canada alive!