iPhone-native WordPress Client

We’re doing an iPhone-native WordPress client, check out the screencast here. It will work for both .com and .org, be available FREE from the App Store, and best of all it’s going to be completely Open Source, which
as far as I know no current apps in the store are. Update: Good news, sounds like there will be at least a few OS apps in the store on opening days.

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  1. What a MIDP2/J2ME app for, well, just about every other modern phone available, e.g., BlackBerry, Nokia? Or is this Ma Bell 2.0?

  2. GPL v2:

    The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for
    making modifications to it. For an executable work, complete source
    code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any
    associated interface definition files, plus the scripts used to
    control compilation and installation of the executable

    Apple might be willing to provide the source of the app, but they’re not going to give you access to the proprietary code that DRMs each iPhone application (locking it to that specific iPhone). Apple can’t comply with the GPL without compromising their DRM (which, would violate their agreements with music labels).

    It absolutely shouldn’t discourage you from releasing the app and the source code — you’ve done all you can. But as long as the iPhone is a completely closed, and as long as I lack the ability to take your source code, modify it, compile it and run it on my own iPhone, it’s not useful to me (or anyone) in the way that other Free Open Source code is.

    It really makes me appreciate how nice WordPress users have it with the WordPress plugin directory. It’s a nice official way to get plugins, and it integrates with the software, but you can download the source code for a plugin, change it, and manually install it if you want. We have the four freedoms, plus a shiny distribution channel. iPhone users just have the latter.

  3. I’m sorry if I disappoint you, but it’s quite probable that your app won’t be the first OSS-App in the App Store. An App of mine is in review at the moment and when it’s in the app store I release the source under the a cc-license

  4. Two reasons I didn’t go for the iPhone on my last upgrade:
    1. Too closed – I like to install stuff
    2. Didn’t want to switch networks (exclusinve with O2 in the UK)
    3. No 3G

    So I am an N95 owner. I have always had Nokia hardware, and Symbian is fairly friendly (for app developers too). So – I ‘third’ the question – any chance of this for S60?

  5. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited. I’ll have to update my Touch this weekend and try it out.

    Will it work offline? My wireless doesn’t reach next door to my office and there isn’t a wireless network in the building at all.

  6. This is awesome, it was really the only that I went into the App Store looking for yesterday, granted I did walk out with a few things but was bummed that there wasn’t a WP app.

  7. I acquired my new 3g this morning, so I’m so ready for this its unreal. Having tried plugins to improve the iPhone posting experience, and found them to be good efforts, but lacking, this could improve my blog output no end.
    One little request: please make it so we can use it horizontally! I don’t know the specifics of doing that, but I find that typing with the device in landscape is far quicker than portrait.
    If you need any testers, you have my email.

  8. I’ve been trying all day and I can’t get the video to work. I’m starting to wonder if its my office PC blocking something.

    Can someone YouTube it??

  9. Congratulations to the WordPress team! It is really cool to have WordPress using the same APIs as other remote blog editor clients are using.

    As for open source “taking over” the iPhone… I feel like this kind of sentiment doesn’t help the open source community. Why can’t we have proprietary and open source products live together in sweet, sweet harmony?

  10. Android would take some time getting up to steam. OpenMoko would be there to offer whatever Android decides not to. Apple would be their usual closed selves – all very prim and proper so that only highly polished apps would make it to their platform. RIM can’t afford to be open so it would grow in the enterprise market where apps have to be even more serious. God knows what would happen to Palm Garnet. My bet is on Open Symbian.
    From http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-9907219-37.html
    Nigel Clifford: We’re saying that our checks and balances are as deep and as light as possible in the operating system. Whereas maybe other people are saying, “You’re playing in our territory,” what we’re saying is, “Have as much territory as you like and we’ll make sure you’re not near the cliff edge”–rather than as soon you get through the front gate, you’re in my turf.

  11. If the iPhone is the Jesus phone, then the others are the work of the devil. At least the devil lets you play and have fun though 😉

    As for other phones, there are loads of options. Not least, just using a browser. Or you can use the wphone plugin for wordpress to provide a phone formatted layout for posting (inc one for the iPhone).

    There are some native S60 clients around the net, and almost certainly some Java ones (oh, you can run Java apps on the iPhone… lol!). Probably a widget for Widsets too most likely, or would be easy to knock up.

  12. I’m not seeing this in the App Store… The given permalink takes me to Cyrus Najmabad BoxOffice, not quite the same thing. Is the app only available in certain countries? I’m in Canada.

  13. Why not make an app that the rest of us can use for WordPress if you are going to make it for your sites? I host my own WordPress blog and I’d love to have an app to blog to it. I doubt I’ll move my blog to your site in order to do it…

  14. The WordPress app isn’t out yet – it’s in Apple’s hands (and has been for a few days) but they haven’t put it up yet.

  15. I am writing this from my iphone after trying out the online plugin. My question is, are you going (or can you) make it so I can upload images taken from the phone? I am having a baby soon and would like to post pics without needing to bring my laptop.

  16. I was hunting around for hours looking for the right combination of tools, and there are many, but none as simple as yours appears to be…can’t wait.

  17. Wow…. the number of apps being developed is really raising the iPhone in my considerations for my next phone – first 3G.

    Being able to blog from it (if it works on remote-hosted blogs, or some adaptation to the opensource enables that) sounds fantastic.

  18. This turnaround delay is insane. What’s worse is that you’ll be waiting weeks to push out a 1.0.1 release — it’s not just initial versions that are taking this long.

  19. I can´t find that in apple store! Is there any release date given? Where all the others got it from?
    *grrr* I don´t wanna wait any longer.