Pimping Firefox

Tim Ferriss writes Pimping Firefox: The Basics (Matt Mullenweg, Garrett Camp, and More). Includes my 5 favorite extensions.

8 thoughts on “Pimping Firefox

  1. Hi Matt,

    Did not mean to sound as if I was *itching when I said that you promote Firefox. Quite frankly, I use Firefox and am a big supporter of Open Source.

    But, I also need to make a living so I have to learn to live with both browsers.. You’re too young to remember the browser war between IE and Netscape. It was a nightmare for us then (yes, I AM OLD). It is still a nightmare for me up to now that Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera are not compliant to everything we want them to do

  2. It would have been really nice if they made the developer software compatible on the PPC processor Mac platform too ;( So what I have to buy a new Mac to make apps to sell more iPhones for Apple. Don’t get me wrong I love the iPhone I bought this morning, but come on Apple, port that sucker.