Single Malt Scotch Episode

The Single Malt Scotch Episode – Episode #509. I was on Wine Library TV with the inimitable Gary Vaynerchuk talking not about wine, but scotch. Much trouble ensues. Check it out! I ended up leaving my laptop at Gary’s store and had to go back to Jersey later that day. I took a few moments to browse around and discovered an awesome cheese called Ombra.

20 thoughts on “Single Malt Scotch Episode

  1. Wow
    i Think this is the last thing i would remember to think that was on your “like” list.
    Welcome to the scotch fan group!

    Chers from Portugal

  2. Sorry the double post, but i must invite you to come to Porto home of Port wines, one of the oldest protected (wine) region in the world (1756).
    Here we have the real Vintages.

  3. I’m not a big drinker, but when I do drink I like Scotch or Vodka on ice.

    And while the show idea may not be “exciting” .. it was an entertaining show to watch and Matt .. you remind me of a friend of mine, the voice and how you hold yourself. Strange. Very strange.

  4. Ignore JasonH’s recommendation on icecubes and scotch. You know a straight neat scotch with a waterback is the way to go. Icecubes –bleah.

  5. going to see baseball in Oakland is an amazing baseball experience? Did i hear that correctly?

    You must be kidding. That’s the worst baseball stadium I’ve ever been to. Get your ass to Boston and go to Fenway. Now that’s a baseball park. A PARK. Not a stadium. You play baseball in a park…just like when you were a kid.

  6. The reason you “swirl” Scotch is to see how viscous it is and how it adheres to the side of the glass, which shows how sweet it will probably be. Also, you can see the color, just like with wine, which can really make a difference.

    Not sure how you feel about Macallan, but their cask strength is great stuff. So is Glenmorangie, if you can afford the really old stuff. I think you’ll comparable to the Laphroaig, but with a little more gravitas.
    Ah, the good old days when I could, in fact, afford the old stuff and Cubans.

  7. Of the 3 you tasted, Talisker’s my favorite. I liken it to Zinfandel in the wine world – spicy, a bit edgy, yet smooth and nicely rounded at the end.

    For a single malt in a sherry cask, its hard to beat Talisker 18 – sweet, complex, smooooth, lingering.

  8. wow, two of my favourite people on one video, talking about my favourite stuff! crikey!
    Matt, wordpress is awesome and I realise you might not ever get to read this, but thanks anyway!
    Gary Vaynerchuck is inspiring, no doubt about it!
    Matt, go on the Jameson’s distilelry tour in Dublin iof you get a chance (m,y mother-in-law went and loved it!).

  9. Interesting video, though the scotch’s were kind of ordinary. Good though. You might try some unusual stuff though, like Highland Park. It’s made in the orkney islands, it’s northernmost scotch distillery. their 18 year old is marvelous.

    at the other end of the spectrum is the inexpensive blend–Famous Grouse. Remarkably good, tastes like a single malt but it’s twenty bucks a bottle.

    I too like a little ice in my scotch. People who drink it neat are missing most of the flavor. Good scotch requires a little water to open it up. for ordinary tipple like Chivas it might not matter. I add one cube and swirl a little to let it melt.