Alex King is on stage at WordCamp Utah and just announced and launched the Carrington theme. It allows really advanced conditional template displays based on any number of variables and executed by naming conventions and its structure. I think this could be the base for a whole new generation of themes and development.

9 thoughts on “Carrington

  1. There isn’t a demo for this theme, and it isn’t on the WordPress theme directory (which again means no demo). How are people supposed to get a feel for the theme?

  2. Controls, widgets, microformats: small modular units of functionality seem to be the easiest-to-use lego blocks of the web.

    This theme-framework is a step in that direction because it provides the framework for turning the typical elements of a theme into small units of functionality that can be customized and extended.

    I’m trying it out on my own personal blog. So far so good!

    Thank you Matt for WordPress and thank you Alex King for Carrington.

  3. At first glance, I was intimidated and annoyed – descriptions that include the words “conditional,” “variables,” and “templates” remind me of the clusterfuck that was Movable Type 4…which is what prompted my switchover to WordPress. But knowing that i can easily switch back to my old theme in case of trouble (something I couldn’t do with MT4) is reassuring. And Carrington does look rather elegant in my test blog installation.

    I well understand Chris’ desire for a demo, but I’d suggest just loading Carrington and giving it a spin. I’m in the mood for a bit of change anyway. 🙂