Day in Davao

Arriving in Davao from Manila, dinner, and drinks.

30 thoughts on “Day in Davao

  1. wow!!!
    very nice pictures from our City (^_^) and Katherine is very famous here (^_^)
    hope you can still remember me the lady in crutches who asked you question about slimstat…

    Nway, take care and hope to see you again.

    Thank you so much for the precious memories you spent with us.

  2. Hi,

    It’s great that you visited this favorite Philippine city. Although we’re assigned now in Metro Manila, my wife and my four kids really enjoyed life in Davao City from 1995-2001.

    Great pictures… Makes me hungry and nostalgic. If you’ll be in Manila, maybe we can get together.

  3. Hi Matt, I’m Hannah from Manila. I was seated a few chairs away from you yet frankly I never knew who you were until your presence was recognized by the emcee. I’m a new blogger by the way and just migrated from blogger to wordpress and OH thank goodness what a blogging relief 😀

    Thank you for also taking our picture btw, If you want to view our picture it’s in


  4. I hope you enjoyed your visit here…

    let me make you remember something…

    1) your first time to talk in front of a pool….
    2) your first time to talk in front of a pool with bats flying around…
    3) your first time to drink Tanduay..
    4) your first time to Davao…


    Again, thanks. Pictures!!!!

  5. Hey Matt,

    Thanks so much for visiting both Davao and Manila. I know there are so many people who will cherish your visit for a long time to come. You’ve made so many Filipino people very happy by your generosity and kindness.

    Best Regards,