Martha Stewart on WP

“As my blog has grown in popularity, we realized we were ready to switch to a platform offering more programming options. After careful research, that new platform will be WordPress, which we hope to launch tomorrow with an exciting photo gallery from my most recent trip to Mexico.” — Martha Stewart. Ms. Stewart was previously on Typepad. Hat tip: Joe Clark.

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Awesome comment from the Martha Blog:

When using WordPress you lose the look of a “traditional” blog. IMHO they look less like a “behind the scenes personal look” and more like just another website. TypePad just looks more personal, like a handwritten note…

Posted by: Katie | September 4th, 2008 at 7:30 am

Great, now Martha will make me feel inadequate as a blogger as well as a housekeeper. I can only imagine what pretty and unique designs she will come up with for her theme. Can you grow WordPress themes in your Victorian herb garden?

Not a huge Martha Stewart fan, but I love it! Mostly because she doesn’t just say she’s using it, but because she says “After careful research” which shows that they think it’s the best (her techs…not her). Anyway, they’re up on 2.6.1 now.

“Fantastic! I’m pretty sure I even saw Martha’s blog as a “Featured TypePad Site” on TyePad’s homepage earlier this week. Big win for the WordPress community!”

ha. it still is. I just saw it today.