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  1. This is great β€” I was wondering if the bloggers using WordPress, in China, were posting more in English or in Chinese, overall.

    I’m guessing that maybe it’s English in Hong Kong but it’s most likely Chinese everywhere else.

  2. Let me know if you need a sponsor for door prizes, raffles, or other things that are always given away at these types of tech events in China. Contact me offline for more info.

  3. I want to attend.

    I am in Shanghai at the moment and I really would love to attend. I checked china.wordcamp.org but it’s only in chinese:(

    I am an expat in Shanghai. Can anybody please tell me the address (in pinyin :D) where they will hold the event.

    Please please please! I want to attend.

  4. You’re in Beijing at its very best season of the year.

    Welcome to China, enjoy the hospitality and the cuisine here!

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