Dropbox is open to the public now. I’d love something like this I could use with my own Subversion server.

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Dropbox is great! Have been using the private beta for a while now. Syncing files over plural computer has become a breeze and sharing for instance RAW files with friends is just a few clicks away.

Can only highly recommend it.

Let’s hope they put the email-to-dropbox feature in then this would be kickass. With this feature you could upload files from your mobile device through email while on the go.

Agreed! When I first saw the Dropbox demo video, the first thing that popped into my head was “hey, that’s SVN!”

While the TortoiseSVN client is pretty darn good, having something like this for general document syncing across computers nicely automates the commit process.

When set up on a server, not only is this a great way to get file change notifications, but it also enables file changes without needing to explicitly connect to the server. Ah, the 101 ways to use Dropbox…

sweet! i’ve heard of this before but it’s been in closed beta. i installed it just now.

btw i noticed dropbox’s blog and forums are running on wordpress and bbpress.

Started using it myself, and it is a fairly clever application, but it basically just strikes me as SVN with an automatic detect-and-commit feature. I’d uch prefer a client that would work with my own server instead of theirs. Especially one that would be open-source code.

Unless some big name take it over, I am not going to put any of my stuff on it. The Net is notorious for Fly by Night stuff, not that Big names have been angels themselves. But Matt’s reco carries a lot of weight. So it should be worth trying out.

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