CMS Critic Interview

There’s a new interview up at CMS Critic.

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It never ceases to amaze me that an individual such as yourself, who is younger than I am, is far more articulate and well put together.

Makes me feel quite inadequate, but I guess it gives me something to shoot for myself. Good job. Keep up the good work.

Good read!

Hey Matt, I remember one of the questions I was supposed to ask you at WordCamp Philippines.. Are you guys looking into integrating Lightbox with the gallery in WordPress? Just wondering. 🙂

Yes, I agree Matt. The term content management is a bit dry when describing what WordPress allows us to do. It seem to be heading towards allowing almost reflexive upload and dissemination of thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Every iteration of WP seems to get faster, neater and yet still retains a cool simplicity. I look forward to watching (and taking part in) the ongoing adventures of WordPress.
Thanks Matt.

MM: I’m not crazy about the term content management. I don’t wake up and say “I want to manage some content today!” I want to blog. I want to podcast. To the extent WordPress is a competitor in the CMS space I think it’s because we try to re-examine common assumptions that traditional bloated CMSes make.

That is odd, a blog is a type of CMS. Because it focuses on posts, it is more dynamic than a website. Also because it focuses on comments, it is more interactive than a website.

Because web programming is so complex, CMSes would always be around. Tomorrow, some bright spark could come up with a construct even better than a blog. This is because things can get to be even more dynamic and interactive.

For instance, the majority of the blogs don’t see any traffic. A better construct would provide more rewards for our hard work. Or would prevent us from work that is likely to not get rewarded.