Yahoo Hack Day

Yahoo’s Hack Day is coming up this Friday and Saturday. I’m going to be a judge at the event. The other judges are David Filo, Ash Patel, Cheryl Ainoa, Jeff Clavier, Rashmi Sinha, and Om Malik. Fun group!

10 thoughts on “Yahoo Hack Day

  1. I assumed it was the ‘pure’ meaning of hack (as in hacker vs. cracker, playing with code vs. breaking security routines etc.).

    If that is the idea, then I expect the idea is to hack some code about and maybe mash up data from different (Yahoo-based?) sources in a new and innovative way.

    That said, we could all just go and check out all the links from that page & search the phrase to find out for sure before posting comments here. Where’s the fun in that though 😉

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