WordCamp Weekend

There’s not one but three four WordCamps this weekend. I just got back from China, where both the Beijing and Shanghai events were great. (More pictures coming soon.) This Saturday you can check out WordPress events in Portland, Salt Lake City (I’ll be attending this one, they asked me first), Vancouver, and Birmingham.

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This is actually the third WordCamp in the Vancouver area this year, the fourth WordPress event if counting Northern Voice last February.

Perhaps we could start a user group with monthly meetups, seems like more and more people are interested in getting together and talking about WordPress.

Hey Matt, I’m going to the SLC wordcamp but will be terribly late (I may only make it to the last session!) Really enjoyed talking with you last time you were in town. Hope to catch up with you again this time too!

Well, we’re looking forward to having you here in Alabama for next year’s WordCamp Birmingham! Especially considering some of us ended up doing three days of barbecue…

Oh Matt! You really came to Shanghai? I’m terribly sad that I’ve miss the camp in Shanghai! Didn’t notice it! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

[…] The fact that folks are already talking about next year’s WordCamp and about other ways that our local communities can connect with each other in the meantime (including meetups and other events) was great, considering that was one of the reasons that I wanted to see us hold one here in The Magic City to begin with. BTW, we’re already starting to plan next year’s edition, which should fill in some of the holes from this year’s (we think that havingย Matt come out to speak will be fun – and for those who didn’t know, we’re appreciative for those who reminded him about this year’s event on his blog). […]