Berlin WordPress / Web 2.0 Expo Drinkup

I’m in Germany for the first time and I’d love to meet some of the WordPress community here. With the help of Yamile Yemoonyah we have a venue and such for a get-together this Thursday. Since there’s an upcoming Web 2.0 Expo right here in Berlin we’re co-hosting with those folks to make the event extra-fun. Here are the deets:

Thursday, Oct 9th at 7 p.m.
Simon-Dach-Str. 39
10245 Berlin
030 2961673

If you have a German blog or Twitter please help spread the word! Hope to see you there.

Update: Got a discount code from the conference, if you register here and enter the code webeu08gr99 you’ll get a 35% discount.

28 thoughts on “Berlin WordPress / Web 2.0 Expo Drinkup

  1. Well the first thing you should learn about Germany is that we are not limited to the German language, in fact it is easier to spread the news through the english part of the blogging world. 😉

    Sadly too I will only arrive later next week so I’ll miss it.

    Have fun in Berlin!

  2. Cool. I’ll try to be there and meet up! I’m from Montreal, but attending the Web 2.0 expo on behalf of IBM.

    I’m just one of the millions of satisfied users of WP…

  3. Hello. This is Nicola from Learnit. We’re based in the Czech Republic but will be in Berlin for the Web 2.0 expo (only on a hall pass as we’re somewhat bootstrapped). Are you going to be doing an evening event during the expo? Like – the Wednesday night (The TechCrunch meetup is on the Thursday). It would be great to have the chance to meet you all.

  4. Hi Matt, I a am an Italian long time videoblogger living in Berlin. Would loike to meet you for a drink and maybe have a chat with you in front of a camera these days…sorry I missed last night,erik