LOLcats Book

People who know me know I’m a fan of LOLcats, well now they have a new book! (What a website, as they say in the South.) I got a review copy and it’s delightful, sure to bring a smile to anybody’s day.

16 thoughts on “LOLcats Book

  1. You disappoint me, Matt. I think LOLcats is for the illiterate crowd.

    Not to mention that they steal almost all the photos, without giving credit or money to the photographers. How about that, on the internet. And in print, too.

    1. You are totally right about that. They put a lot of pictures on their website but they don’t even bother to ask the owner. This is like website piracy. Anyways, I won’t be bothering to pick up that book.

    2. Ms. Barstow,

      I am a member, and I am certainly not illiterate. please do not generalize. You may not find the lolcats amusing, but there are some of us that do. We enjoy our lolcats and ask that you not rain on our parade.

      As for the accusation that “almost all” of the photos are stolen, and there is no remuneration or credit given to the photographers? Please, do enlighten us.

      When I see images added to lolcats for lolcatting, there are typically a series of the same cats; the same people; all uploaded at about the same time. This would suggest – to me, anyway – that the images have been uploaded from someone’s album or camera.

      If you have definitive proof that images have been “stolen”, I would suggest that you take the issue up with the administrators of lolcats.

  2. I’n fine with lolcats, I’m just sad that ICHCB took the concept and all its first images shamelessly from you-know-where. Oh well, such are the ways of the internet.

  3. I’m currently at my local Borders and I stumbled across the book. Although I got a few chuckles, the lack of comments to go along with the images kind of set back the book.

  4. OMGWTFBBQ, people? Complaining about LOLCATS being Intarwebz Piruhsee?

    Get over it, it’s a joke. Worst criticism I’ve seen of the book is that it’s nowhere near as funny and as in-joking as the website for those of us who Get It.

    Besides, cats do not approve of copyright laws and are indeed, a law — and a LAWL — unto themselves.

  5. To the misinformed folks who claim that lolcats is stealing photos….well, the photos they use are submitted by the people who took them, for that express purpose! Also, when you submit a lolcat (with captions) to the site, you are automatically agreeing that the site’s possibly publishing your creation is OK with you.

    And yes, the book has photo AND captioner credits. Of course, most of the captioners are known by their usernames and not real names – but that was the captioner’s choice.

    Honestly, do you really think there would be a website and a book out if they were making money illegally by “stealing” photos? Duh!

  6. I agree with Stella, the book is funny but not as funny as some of the pics on the site. Some of my favorites were omitted and some of the “new” ones weren’t really that funny. On a scale of 1-10, it was a 6 or 7.