3 Million

This fellow caught the WP download counter passing 3 million last night. Cool! That’s total downloads of the 2.6 series, we reset it every time we do a major X.X release.

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That is a great news. I love WordPress and I am as happy as it extends its domination. This is a deserved domination – it is really a great blog and CMS tool.

Congratulations Matt and the other guys at WordPress!

Amazing achievement, but I can’t say I’m all that surprised after having the pleasure of working with a standards based, accessible, seo friendly, customer and developer friendly environment.

What an endeavour it turned out to be.


I agree… 2.7 is excellent, I’m beta testing here, on a live Blog, (yes, I am insane.)

But it’s nice…

Now, if you’d just FIX the ability to edit categories! I spelled constitutional WRONG and I’ve been trying to edit it to the problem spelling and it will not edit… Grrrr…