3 Million

This fellow caught the WP download counter passing 3 million last night. Cool! That’s total downloads of the 2.6 series, we reset it every time we do a major X.X release.

34 thoughts on “3 Million

  1. That is a great news. I love WordPress and I am as happy as it extends its domination. This is a deserved domination – it is really a great blog and CMS tool.

    Congratulations Matt and the other guys at WordPress!

  2. Amazing achievement, but I can’t say I’m all that surprised after having the pleasure of working with a standards based, accessible, seo friendly, customer and developer friendly environment.

    What an endeavour it turned out to be.


  3. I agree… 2.7 is excellent, I’m beta testing here, on a live Blog, (yes, I am insane.)

    But it’s nice…

    Now, if you’d just FIX the ability to edit categories! I spelled constitutional WRONG and I’ve been trying to edit it to the problem spelling and it will not edit… Grrrr…

  4. The 2.7 number should blow it away. Congrats on the count.

    I was thinking the same too. WP 2.7 is really great – I am running my business blog on it.

  5. I was in the pre-3 million era; in the 2 million one:P

    I’ve a quesion: did WP make a milestone with this version or you’ve reached it before in a previous version?