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NY Times on the importance of sleep.

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I thought you might be kind of jetlagged… same happened to me last year when I was commuting from Seattle to Budapest…. suerte and sweet dreams

[…] Mark Holmes, Pixar: You can get tunnel vision when you’re hammering away at a problem. You keep going down this same path, again and again, just tweaking, making incremental changes at best. Sleep erases that. It resets you. You wake up and realize β€” wait a minute! β€” there is another way to do this.” [via.] […]

Ah … the very message I work at helping promote every day: sleep is just as important as diet and exercise, only moreso. Little by little, the message is getting out, but and seemingly in smaller increments, people are beginning to understand.

The idea of a 24/7 lifestyle exists only on the big screen. Real life doesn’t support the lack of sleep without consequences.

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