Open Source Economy

Three Reasons Open Source Will Save The Economy. Only three? I bet we could think of way more. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Open Source Economy

    1. I think the model of support has to evolve. Just because the software is great and stable doesn’t mean there isn’t room for services around it.

  1. I would revise that to say that open source software and the kind of people who produce it will save the economy. The great thing about OSS today is that the government is not involved. It is wholly produced by individuals volunteering their time, skills and knowledge. And the decision to use it is still a private decision. But don’t expect this to continue for long with our current swing toward depending on the government to fix everything that we perceive to be broken.

  2. Yes, we need innovation and new job opportunities everywhere in the world. Internet is great for freedom and exchange of ideas without strict restrains. I know all of us (internet users) in every country share the vision of a more relaxed atmosphere both when we work and for our leasure time. I completely agree that new tecnologies will save the economy, and may I add, not only the US econonomy, but also elsewhere. Merry xmas and a happy new year from Europe!