Scoble Interviews

I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Scoble last week. In addition to him getting me to sign up for FriendFeed, we chatted a bit on camera about social media, the future of blogs, advertising, and of course WordPress.

Here’s part one, at 21 minutes.

Here’s part two, at 17 minutes.

Thanks to Robert for taking the time out to chat, as always it was a pleasure.

23 thoughts on “Scoble Interviews

  1. Matt

    Any news about bbPress.

    It seems like for the past year, there was always going to be a 1.0 release “soon”.

    Any idea when that bbPress release might be.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Matt, what I like the most is that you are drinking water (not coke, soda, or wine!) during this very informative interview. For me it’s a sign that WP will stay in business for a long time.

    Nice talking to you!
    Michael B

  3. Nice interview! I like Scoble.. haha. I worked 20 hours straight on my new website (using wordpress of course) yesterday.. then I was checking something on and watching your interview..

    Well with staring at dual screens for all those hours without a break I thought that snow effect was eye strain or hallucinations, or something.. it was NOT funny 🙂

    Cheers.. J.

    here’s the finished (work in progress) result if anyone is interested:

    1. I use it because it works natively on my iPod, it embeds metadata correctly, and it seems trivial to convert between lossless formats if need be.

  4. Nice videos and interviews. The flash quality is excellent. What codecs are you using?

    Alejandro from Buenos Aires. 🙂

  5. Hooray for vinyl records indeed! is a blog dedicated to the art of posing with record sleeves.

    We are proudly powered by WordPress so thanks for your hard work and the inspiration.

    So you’re a photographer too? Feel free to contribute a pic, it would make my day.

    I’m looking forward to WordCamp UK which is in Cardiff, Wales in July.

    Glad I caught these vids.