Sydney Beaches

In Sydney, Australia around a number of beaches including Bondi, with Sam and friends.

19 thoughts on “Sydney Beaches

  1. Hi Matt, Loved your photos. It is always so interesting to see your neighborhood through someone else’s eyes.
    Wondering if you have any pics of the party? I’ve been hoping you would post some up…?

  2. I’ve been a Sydney wedding photographer for 15 years and really do think I am lucky to call Sydney home. Lots of the picture locations above are familiar to me ,as bridal couples in Eastern suburbs just love to get down and around the beaches and waterways for photos. The brilliant colours and (usually) great weather make it easy to capture the essence of our beautiful city

  3. Being a Sydneysider it is interesting to see what visitors think is interesting enough to take photos of. Having spend a year in Tokyo, I hope that locals there appreciate my different perspective.