Vietnam School

Visiting Room to Read school with Tim Ferriss and two other donors about 3 hours outside of Saigon / Ho Chi Min City. More about the school here. They teach ages 2-5. Also: birthday dinner for John.

Yes, that's soup on the back of a motorbikeThe ferry that took us across the riverArriving at the school, all the kids came outThis girl was fascinated by my camera, has the exact same expression in a few other picsThe school starts classes at 2 years oldTim does a convincing monkey impressionBreakfast of championsThere were hammocks everywhere, I love itSnails!

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Funny story about Room to Read. It involves them, Microsoft, graft, unrequited love, and a Peace Corps volunteer arrested for stealing misappropriated donated computers. Perhaps another time.

Room to Read are great peoples. A good majority of their programs in Nepal were the result of Peace Corps volunteers’ initiatives. I encourage everyone with even just a little extra cash to throw them their support. A little money can put a lot of books in kids’ hands.

I am a Vietnam veteran spending 16 months throughout the country of Vietnam in 1970. The photos bring back a lot of memories and still looks the same as it did 40 years ago with little progress.

The Vietnamese people are some really wonderful people who deserve as much prosperity and freedom as Japan, South Korea, and America has enjoyed.

To bad we failed them. Maybe a new generation of young who will look beyond the wisdom of men to find the real truth of mans existence.

Yap, Nanny,
Vietnam’s counstry side in the photo is look like Vietnam 40 years ago as you remember/ But now the big cities is growing so fast.
Have you had an idea that comeback to Vietnam ?

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